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Our Story

Born in Ukraine, we, a husband and wife photography team, brought our passion for capturing love to the United States in 2009, turning our shared dream into a reality.

Wedding photography is not just our full-time job; it's a calling that allows us to be a part of your once-in-a-lifetime events, sharing in the joy of those special moments with you and your families.

As storytellers of love, we approach each wedding with dedication, weaving a narrative from the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the tearful joy of the first dance.



The camera is not just a tool but an extension of our hearts, capturing the unique essence of each couple's story and turning it into a timeless collection.

Every click of the shutter is an opportunity to preserve the magic of your love story, and we approach each wedding as if it were our own, pouring passion into every frame.

Our Ukrainian roots and American dreams come together to create a narrative that transcends borders, celebrating the universal language of love.

As custodians of memories, we are grateful to document and share the beauty of your journey, turning fleeting moments into everlasting memories.

From strangers to soulmates, our adventure continues, and our cameras remain poised to capture the next beautiful chapter of love.

Through pixels and prints, we've become storytellers, leaving behind a legacy that resonates with the artistry of capturing the profound moments that define a lifetime.

Andrew & Lesya

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