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Tips to Find Right Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your Engagement!

Right now you have the difficult job of finding the right wedding photographer.

There are many photographers in the industry now, and you have to make the right decision because you will not have a second chance to redo your wedding photos.

There are many experienced photographers, as well as many who just started wedding photography.

Here are a few tips to make your life easier:

1.  You have to like photos first. 

Once you pass that step, look deeply into the portfolio.

You have to see not only the best photos on the home page but real weddings from beginning to end. It would be best if you had someone who able not to take a few great photos during the wedding day, but someone who could deliver high-quality images during the whole wedding.

I saw many photographers struggling during the reception. They ended up using flash on the camera, which is one of the worst options available ( Images will look flat and usually too yellowish and the background will be dark)

We always have studio-quality light for family portraits. We always use a pro-off-camera light system for better image quality during the reception

You need a friendly professional photographer, easy working with all guests and vendors, open to your ideas and vision!

2. It is essential to know how many weddings per year photographer does. 

Good to hire someone who is a professional photographer and have at least 25+ weddings per year. Better to work with a full-time wedding photographer. If the photographer doesn't have a second job- all time will be focused on photography, customer service, editing, improving skills. It doesn't mean that you can't find a good part-time photographer. Most photographers at the beginning, have the second job to have income for living and investing in equipment. If you want better or best go with full-time photographers.

We are thankful to our couples who trusted us. In 2019 we had 60 weddings for photography only. (Videography and photo booth not included)

3. How many images will you receive after the wedding?

Every photographer delivers a different number of photos. We take a lot of photos during the wedding to capture many candid moments. We don't like to be in a situation where you like an image, but the eyes are closed, or a smile is not looking good. That is why we take a lot of photos during the day! We will bring home 4-7k photos from each wedding.

Our customers will receive 700-1200 edited images. 

4. How soon will photos be ready after the wedding?

Many beginner photographers struggling to deliver photos in a reasonable time. Sometimes couples have to wait months to receive photos.

 We will post 20-50 sneak peek photos next Monday after the wedding.

   All photos will be ready in 2-3 weeks after the wedding.

5. How many reviews available online?

It is crucial not only to trust what photographer promising but learn what couples are saying about the experience with the photographer you are reviewing.

We are very thankful to all our brides we had a chance to work in the past.  

We have 300+ 5-star reviews.

6. What is in the photographer camera bag?

  Cameras are not taking photos, and all will depend on the photographer's talent. However, cameras will affect a lot of quantity and quality of the images you will receive. If lighting is good, it is possible to take great photos even with inexpensive cameras. Wedding photography is a different story. Light changing a lot, and many times it is not the best. Getting ready rooms, outside changing lighting, ceremonies without flashes, low light reception, sunset photos are the few scenarios, and usually, there is no time to set up the proper lighting.

We don't like cameras limiting our creativity, which is why we use the best equipment.

Check out what is in our camera bag (click on the photo)

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